Among progress in our technological innovation in electrical and electronic fields, utilizing the know-how we have acquired in Japan, we offer global standard technical and development capabilities to a variety of system applications. We are aiming to be a Global Total Engineering company through sales of solar power generation equipment that contributes to clean energy, high-frequency / low-frequency induction furnaces that have earned a good reputation and stand-alone equipment and system products such as automatic ticket vending machines for parks, amusement parks, transportation, cafeterias and bicycle parks as well as maintenance and after-sales through service and installation work.

System service

For example, Maintenance and after-sales service of water supply and sewerage system

We have established a rapid after-sales service system based on our service personnel with a wealth of knowledge and practical experience acquired in Japan in order for customers to be able to use their important electrical equipment efficiently and stably over a long period of time.


For example, design and construction of solar power generation systems

Mitigation of environmental impact (resource recycling, energy conservation), safety, high quality, shortening construction periods, planning facilities that are in line with the needs of society such as cost reduction, design, manufacturing, performing construction management, providing construction equipment that satisfies our customers.

Information Equipment

For example, construction of a facility management system using ticketing machines

Production and sales of a variety of ticketing systems, such as admission tickets, vouchers, meal tickets, transport tickets, we offer a complete service of installation, maintenance and repair.



  • Attended events
    Manufacturing Expo
    22-25, Jun. Bangkok, Thailand
    Exhibits:Portable Selwelder
    (Link to SINFONIA TECHNOLOGY site)
  • 2015.12.15Opened SINFONIA ENGINEERING (SHANGHAI) CO., LTD. in China.
  • 2015.05.20Opened Kanto Factory in japan.

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