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Providing suitable heating systems based on our

Our Induction Heater has achieved a lot of results and experiences for the billet heating process of hot metal working such as aluminum, copper, copper alloy and iron alloy during the past half a century since1961. Particularly our Billet Heater used in combination with extrusion press for aluminum and copper is proud of one of the top in the world and provided the best system in accordance with Customer’s objectives.


System engineering ability basing upon abundant experiences
  • Most optimum heating system, satisfying billet conditions such as materials, dimensions, temperatures, throughputs and etc. , can be provided.
Stable Capability and Performance
  • It is a high duty type with standing a high frequent usage with a safety and rugged structure based accumulated experiences and achievements.
Compact heating unit
  • Heating coil, pusher for push in/out, stopper, temperature measuring device, Billet conveyer, Length measuring device, etc. are mounted on top the cubicle of the heating unit compactly.
    Transformer, capacitor, switch and etc. are housed functionally inside resulting in an overall compact unit.
Excellent Operability
  • Touch panel is applied for operating panel and each setting (billet length, coil tap, transformer tap and capacitor volume) is possible in remote easily.
Energy saving with
original double layer coil
  • Inductive heating coil loss can be reduced to thin inner coil.
    The coil of high power supply can be manufactured due to adopting the original coil cooling system.

Wide variety of options
A wide variety of options are available based on abundant experiences.
  1. Automatic Billet Length Measurement
  2. Automatic Change-over for replacement of Heating Coil
  3. Automatic Heating Coil Tap Selection
  4. Automatic Transformer Tap Selection


For heating aluminum billet (Heating temperature 450°C)

Type Heating power(kW) Power supply capacity(kVA) Throughput(ton/hr)
標準形 省エネ系
LIH-TH-500 500 550 2.0 2.2
LIH-TH-700 700 780 2.8 3.1
LIH-TH-800 800 890 3.2 3.6
LIH-TH-900 900 1000 3.6 4.1
LIH-TH-1000 1000 1100 4.1 4.6

For heating copper/brass billet(Heating temperature copper 900°C ,brass 800°C)

Type Heating power(kW) Power supply capacity(kVA) Throughput(ton/hr)
標準形 省エネ系
Copper Brass Copper Brass
LIH-TH-500 500 550 1.9 2.6 2.2 2.9
LIH-TH-700 700 780 2.7 3.7 3.1 4.1
LIH-TH-800 800 890 3.1 4.2 3.6 4.7
LIH-TH-900 900 1000 3.6 4.8 4.1 5.1

Characteristics below will be changed depends on numbers of billets and transporting duration.
You can provide actual characteristics by K=(3600-N×t) /3600.
N:Number of heating billets (pcs/h)
K:Reduction coefficient
t:Transporting duration (sec)

Main component devices

Flow of billet

Improves working efficiency with dual heating units.

Heating system of coil

Generally power source is supplied by 3hpase 6kV or 3kV, therefore heating coil system is popular, but single phase system coil be applied for depending on required heating conditions and characteristics of a billet.

Comparison of three phase heating coil system and single phase heating coil system.

Item Three phase coil system Single phase coil system
Billet materials Mainly aluminum alloy Copper, brass and copper alloy
Temperature distribution Good results when the billet length matches the coil length. Otherwise, need to adjust the transformer tap. Good results in any billet length
Taper heating Feasible when the billet length is more than 3/4 of standard billet length. Feasible by dividing a heating coil
Number of billet in the heating coil Usually, 2 or more billets One or multiple
Phase balancer Unnecessary Necessary


Heating coil

Single-phase/Three-phase coil energy saving type

Single-phase coil energy saving type

Three-phase coil energy saving type

Related equipment

After-sales Service Network

The induction heater increases the possibility of sudden accident to every passing year, combined with being used in severe environments and doing insufficient services or maintenances in day-to-day. To prevent such troubles, it is essential to serve and maintain periodically. We have service centers across the world as the service company of Shinfonia Technology (formerly Shinko Electric Co., Ltd.), even if sudden equipment suspension occurs , we can provide safety and security in the on-call system.


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