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Our company succeeds to techniques of the Sinfonia Technology that has been pursuing high-quality melting and labor saving and maintaining experiences and results for long time as the manufacturer of the induction furnace. Sinfonia Engineering makes use of the system engineering power and integrates own high reliability furnace body and high efficiency power supply device.
Sinfonia Engineering provides high frequency induction furnace or low frequency induction furnace applying user’s requirement by the substantial after-sales network that there is not in the other companies.

  • 高周波誘導路


    Advanced at high temperture melting and high speed meilting.
    Avoid oxidization of molten metal and reduce consumption of lining material with mild mixing power.

  • Large amount melging and high mixing power. Easy to use furnace because commercial power supply applicable and frequency converter is not required.

Related equipment


チャージング用 リフマグ

This device is manufactured by Sinfonia Technology of the parent company and is suitable for the charging of materials such as scrap waste. This device has a high lifting ability, raises a work effi ciency of charging and also endures the hard environment of the job site very well.


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