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200mm SMIF Pod Opnear

Supporting 200mm semiconductor manufacturing which is increasing needs along with development of IOT

High Speed・Simple Operation・Safety
Reduce a waiting stress of SMIF Pod operation by High-speed Open/Close motion with safety feature are enhanced.

Features of 200mm SMIF Pod Opener

Simple operation, Quick Open/Close
  • Start operation by each OPEN or CLOSE button press once, It enables high-speed open or close motion with reduced entrainment of particles.
    Open time:Less than 10sec. (Special 7sec.)
    Close time:Less than 11sec. (Special 8sec.)
Excellent standard safety function

Prevent accidents during the operation in many safety feature.

  • Wafer protrusion sensor
  • Over access sensor
  • Z-axis area sensor
    (protect finger insert during Open motion active; Option)
  • Exhaust fan monitor sensor
  • EMO button (Emergency Motion Off)
  • MCB(5A,30mA) and Circuit protector (1.5A)
Simple indication LEDs
  • Ready LED
    φ10mm Clear understanding
  • POD in Place φ8mm
  • ERROR φ8mm
Keep clean environment
  • Efficient exhaust is good located bottom fan
    (Option; Rear Fan, Exhaust duct and Table)
Compact and Light weight
  • W=350mm, D=450mm, H=635mm
  • Rear Z-axis cover W=245.6mm
  • Weight Approx 20kg
Lineup (Plan)
  • On table type
  • (Indexer type)
  • (Loader with Arm type)
  • (Stand Alone type)


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